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Lipari and surroundings

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Lipari is an island in the Aeolian archipelago a few nautical miles from Sicily. Today Lipari is one of the most sought after destinations by international tourism for the beauty of its rugged coastline, the sea caves that open into the rock and the atmosphere that reigns in its small center.


Lipari: – The Castle of Lipari where you can visit: – archaeological excavations – the interesting archaeological museum “Luigi Bernabò Brea”

– the cathedral (1094) and the Norman cloister inside – the church of Santa Caterina (16th century)

– the church of the Addolorata (17th century) – the church of the Immaculate Conception (XVIII century)

– the church of Maria SS. Delle Grazie (18th century)

– the church of the Souls of Purgatory (XIII century) at the marina of Marina Corta with the reconstruction of the area inside In miniatures – the archaeological park of the Diana district

– the thermal baths of San Calogero with the ancient Mycenaean thòlos, discovered in 1984, and inside the building an interesting “Museum of Memory” on the history of the thermal baths and pumice of Lipari – the white mountains of the pomice area with the factories now abandoned

-Vulcano: the steaming hot tubs and climbing to the crater

– Stromboli: climb to the crater

– Salina: climb to Monte dei Porri and Monte Felci rich in vegetation; museum section near the lake of Lingua

– Filicudi: archaeological excavations, museum section, excursion by sea to the Grotta del bue marino and to “La Canna”

Alicudi: climbing between the thick heather

– Panarea: with its islets around and endogenous manifestations on the sea due to the presence of underwater volcanoes



Morphologically the Aeolian Islands are all of volcanic origin; they represent a unique model in the historical evolution of studies on volcanology by providing two types of eruption (Vulcan and Strombolian) with a reference, in particular on the island of Stromboli, by scholars, at all levels.

And so, it is not improbable to be attracted also by the charm of an erupting volcano such as Stromboli, or that of the island of Vulcano, dormant for over 100 years and where, downstream, it is possible to immerse yourself in water and great thermal mud therapeutic effect or walking on a ground full of fumaroles.


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