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The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands is a World Heritage Site. It is made up of seven islands, seven different worlds, all to be discovered.

Lipari island

Plan your days in the Aeolian Islands better!

The morning is the ideal time to discover the island’s wonders: go slowly, do not rush and relax on a beautiful beach or let us guide you in organizing an unforgettable excursion.

On your return you can allow yourself moments of absolute peace from a magical point of view.

Stromboli - Scari beach

Scari beach in Stromboli is located on the eastern part of the island, close to the port of the same name, near the town of San Vincenzo.

It is a very spectacular black lava pebble beach, cut in two by the pier itself and which offers a suggestive view of the cone of the volcano, the rock of Strombolicchio and the village of San Vincenzo.

The stretch of beach further south is more picturesque: the last strip of coastal dune left, after about 1 kilometer it opens onto the delightful beach of Forgia Vecchia. The sea that bathes the coast is blue, clear and transparent.

Panarea - Cala Junco

The best known and admired of the island’s beaches can be reached on foot after a pleasant half-hour walk starting from the pier of San Pietro.

You must follow the signs for Drautto and for a narrow path until you reach the prehistoric village of Punta Milazzese.

The scenario that opens before your eyes is wonderful, an amphitheater-shaped bay protected by a series of rocks where the water inside takes on various shades, from emerald green to turquoise blue.

Only contraindication: everyone knows it and therefore it is always hyper crowded. Panarea in August is really full.

Pool of Venus in Vulcano

The Piscina di Venere extends on the northwestern coast of the island of Vulcano. Reachable only by sea, it is located near the splendid Grotta del Cavallo.

It is a natural amphitheater surrounded by basalt and tuff rocks in which the waters of the sea take on indescribable turquoise and crystalline hues, and where legend has it that the goddess of love dived there to regain lost virginity.

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