NOTE: the availability of the berth will be communicated within 24 hours of receipt of your e-mail


1) The user is entitled to use the services of : docking assistance, supply of drinking water and electricity,caretaking/video surveillance.

2) The berth occupation extends only to the vessel indicated in the mooring contract remaining prohibited the transfer of the mooring contract to third parties and/or sublicensing of services.

3) The company is exempted from responsibility for partial or total theft, damage by third partiesor due to exceptional events, acts of terrorism, delinquent and/or natural disasters.

4) The user is obliged to observe the ordinances and the regulations issued by the Maritime Authorities.

5) Any dispute arising between the user and the company Porto Pignataro s.r.l. relating to interpretation of the mooring contract will be exclusive and mandatory competence of the Barcellona P.G. Court Judicial Police.

6) More information and detailsare contained in The Dock Regulation.